The Couch Series | David & Princess

So far, the start of 2019 has been a great time for The Couch Series and me. Over the last few months, The Couch Series has received a lot of press around the city that has helped spread the word about this ongoing photo project that I’ve been working on for several years. But, the most amazing thing to come from all of the media attention has been receiving emails from people like David Lussier. David reached out to me after he heard about The Couch Series in Toronto Life’s online story about the project. He said he loved the series and casually asked: “yah want another one?” After seeing a few photos of his space, and his adorable cat Princess, I knew this had the makings of an engaging and unique couch portrait. So, of course, I did not hesitate in setting up a shoot date.

Within minutes of showing up for the couch shoot in Toronto’s east end, a rush of excitement hit me when I walked in and was stunned by the busy, colourful, visual spectacle that is David Lussier’s living room. There is just so much to take in in this space. The countless framed photos on the wall, his adorable 20-year-old cat, and the odd coloured fuzzy banana on his shirt are just a few elements that catch the eye. However, for me, the detail that grabbed me the most was how perfectly his pink jeans matched the pink suede couch. I mean, how often do you see a pink couch in someone’s space, let alone a pair of jeans to match?!?

David bought his couch from Structube back in November 2018. A fitting piece to go with the incredible display of photos and art on the walls. According to David, this beautiful pink couch gets a lot of use, mostly for the obvious sitting and napping. He’s an avid PS4 “gaymer” and loves watching movies and listening to music as he chills out on the L-shaped couch. 

There’s no denying that David has a unique style, and after scanning his photo wall, it doesn’t take long to learn a little more about his interests. The one obvious thing that stands out is his fascination for streetcars and transit. David’s love for streetcars runs so deep that he’s dedicated an Instagram account to his photos of TTC throughout the city. On top of that, there are subtle hints of trains, transit maps, tunnels and bridges scattered around his walls. All of these understated details are a glimpse into David’s larger passion in life.

David Lussier is a 37-year-old aspiring Urban Planner. Having worked very hard to receive his degree in the field, he moved from Quebec to Toronto several years ago to actively pursue a career in Urban Planning. Luckily, through the ups and downs that inevitably come from moving to a big city hunting for that dream job, he has always had one constant in his life, his cat Princess. This furry, sweet-faced 20-year-old cat has been by his side every step of the way. His ex-roommate originally got Princess 1 year before they moved in together in the early 2000s. But, after years of living together under one roof, Princess and David were inseparable. So when David decided it was time to make the move to Toronto, Princess came with him. 

My time photographing David and Princess was such a lovely experience. David patiently assisted me with moving his entertainment unit and flipping his dining table upside-down so that I could get the framing and lights where I wanted them for the shot. Photographing people on their couches in downtown Toronto can pose many challenges, but there’s nothing more challenging than the tight spaces I often have to deal with, and David’s space was no exception. Luckily, David was very willing to do whatever it took to help make my vision come to life. 

I have shot over 80 couches since I started this project back in 2012. David’s couch was my first couch of 2019, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. There are so many elements to this image that keep me coming back to it time and time again. Princess and David really brought their A-game, and I’m honoured to have captured this moment in their lives.

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